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 What is an E-Cigarette?

An E-Cigarette (Also known as an electronic cigarette, e-cig, Personal Vaporizer or PV) is an alternative to cigarette smoking. It is a battery powered device that functions, and can look similar to a tobacco cigarette. The device vaporizes the e-liquid (Also known as e-juice) inside the cartridge or cartomizer(can contain varying strengths of nicotine and flavors) which is inhaled. The exhaled vapor resembles smoke (but is in fact water vapor/fog) and dissipates within seconds. It is odorless, has very little smell and does not leave build up on surfaces and fabrics. Electronic cigarettes have a very similar psychology and a similar experience to tobacco cigarettes without the smell or toxic chemicals, making it an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

 How Do E-cigarettes work?


 What should I order to get started?

Getting started requires a complete starter kit (Joye510 models available in black or white) and at least one bottle of e-liquid (e-juice). If you’re committed to replacing your smoking with the electronic cigarette, make sure you always have enough e-liquid (e-juice) and hardware on hand so you never run out and are tempted to return to the nasty tobacco cigarettes.

The Joye eGo and ego-t models offers longer batter life (650 mAh) giving you approx 6-8 hours of vaping without needing to recharge. The extra battery power will allow you to use low resistance atomizers as well.

You may also include optional accessories such as a personal charging case for your 510 model or the PCC for your eGo model to store and charge your e-cigarettes when you are not near a power outlet, storage cases and drip tips.

Visit the Electronic Cigarette Forum (ECF) For a wealth of information on electronic cigarettes.

 Where can I buy an E-Cigarette in Canada? is your Canadian source for E-Cigarettes in Canada. Here you will find a variety of different models such as the popular Joye510, Joye510-t and Joye eGo models, nicotine e-juice (or e-liquid). Evapers only sells genuine products and offers top-notch customer service and Xpresspost shipping.


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